The partnership between Insurx and 360 Commercial Motor was established in August 2019, as a result of 360’s need for a commercial motor and motor fleet claims service provider.

360 Commercial Motor pride itself on providing a simple, efficient, and accessible claims service which is why they have chosen to partner with Insurx.

Matthew Lawrence, Head of Partnership of Insurx, stated “Trust is the backbone of our partnership established between Insurx and 360 Commercial Motor. Our collaboration and dedicated claims focus ensure that 360 brokers and their customers can have peace of mind that their claims experience will be dealt with locally and deliver consistent service outcomes.”

Insurx’ proactive approach and focus on the customer’s experience ensure the right support throughout the entire claims process. What really makes Insurx unique is its perfect balance between two elements: technology, which helps customers feel part of their claim, giving them a variety of channels to access claim information – simple, transparent, real-time communication that puts the customer at ease, and human experience, by walking in the customer’s shoes, showing empathy and building a connection.

“Our partnership with Insurx is one of the most important aspects of 360 Commercial Motor’s day to day operations. The relationship we have with our local dedicated Insurx team in Parramatta lead by Adam Surgeon is critical to our ongoing success, Adam and the team are always available, open minded, and have a wealth of knowledge across motor claims. Having a local relationship means we make fast, effective decisions that allow our brokers and their customers to get back on with their business.” said Paul Jeffries, Executive Director of 360 Commercial Motor.


360 Commercial Motor is a specialist motor Underwriting Agency providing tailored commercial motor coverage for small and medium businesses. We combine broad coverage with personalised and flexible underwriting solutions. Our premium claims service uses state of the art technology and ensures your vehicles are back on the road quickly. With our flexible product options, Brokers are able to tailor coverage to suit the needs of every Client.


Insurx Pty Ltd is regulated in Australia by ASIC (AFS Licence number 528534) | ABN 85 628 930 334 | Member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). Claims handling and settling services are provided by Insurx Pty Ltd for the product issuer 360 Commercial Motor Pty Ltd ABN 78 626 251 616 as Authorised Representative (AR 1266050) of 360 Underwriting Solutions Pty Ltd ABN 18 120 261 270, AFSL 319181. Please read the insurer’s relevant product disclosure statement before making any decision regarding their products.

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Insurx Pty Ltd is regulated in Australia by ASIC (AFS Licence number 528534) | ABN 85 628 930 334 | Member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).

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