Claim management services 

Property  |  Motor  |  Business SME

We provide claim management services for different types of claims for insurers, underwriters, brokers, fleet managers and self-insured businesses. 

Insurance claims can be frustrating… really frustrating. In fact, the traditional claim process is broken. All the disruption throughout a claim takes its toll – things like arranging times for repairs; paying excess; taking time for onsite assessments; sitting on hold for hours waiting to know where your claim is at.

Insurx is a different kind of claim management service. We simplify the claim process and keep you and your customer connected to the claim through more visibility and better communication. We treat customers as individuals – empathising with their situation and understanding that they need to get back to normal so they can move on with their life.

How do we do it?

  • We are a complete claim management service for your customers, managing all activities from initial loss to closing the claim.
  • Our technology frees up our staff to be their best, providing consistent, predictable and controlled outcomes.
  • We partner with a team of experts and work alongside them to manage the repair for your customer’s property.
  • We take care and ensure your customers are safe and property is secure.
  • We listen, support and guide your customers, we advocate for your customer.
  • We provide the right expert at the right time.
  • We manage claim costs including reserving, payments, recoveries, excesses.
  • You can access and monitor your customers’ claims and stay connected.
  • Our communication keeps you and your customers informed at every stage of the claim.

Property claims TPA


Property claims

Residential  |  Commercial  |  Strata 

We provide claim management services for all types of property claims, including structural damage and contents:

  • FNOL/lodgement
  • Reserving
  • Assessment management (triage, emergency mitigation, assessment, scope of works)
  • Claim decision
  • Manage excess payment
  • Repair management
  • Quality control & survey
  • Finalisation
Motor claims TPA


Motor claims

Commuter  |  Commercial  |  Modified |  Prestige |  Fleets

We provide claim management services for all types of motor claims including:

  • FNOL/lodgement
  • Reserving
  • Assessment
  • Insured and third-party repair management
  • Liability decision
  • Recovery
  • Quality control
  • Customer feedback
  • Finalisation

SME business claims TPA


Business SME claims

Property damage  |  Business interruption  |  Machinery breakdown |  Vehicle damage |  Legal liability 

We provide claim management services for all types of business SME claims including:

  • FNOL/lodgement
  • Triage
  • Mitigation
  • Reserving
  • Assessment
  • Salvage
  • Recovery
  • Fraud review
  • Finalisation

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