About us 

Who we are

Insurx is a customer-first TPA driven by leading-edge technology.

Our claim management service is focused on providing more visibility and better communication to provide a connected claim experience for everyone in a claim.


What we do

We manage claims from start to finish on behalf of insurers, underwriters, brokers and fleet managers. This includes property, motor, cyber and business SME claims.

We connect insurance knowledge, technology and repair expertise all under one roof for an end-to-end customer experience.

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Our philosophy

As a customer-first claim service, we empower our people to focus on your customer as their number one priority – building the relationship, guiding them through the process and keeping the claim moving. It’s not just about our insurance expertise – it’s about walking in the customer’s shoes, showing empathy and finding a way to accept their claim.

And by automating simple processes and repeatable tasks, our leading-edge technology frees up our team to focus on your customer.

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X is for experience

Our mission is to create a more connected experience for all parties in a claim, through more visibility and better communication. We put the customer at the centre of their claim and we manage the claim process, creating a simpler, connected experience that gets them back to normal faster – with less interruption, fewer hand-offs and more simplicity.

But it’s not just about the customer – we want to make every claim experience a positive one for the broker and insurer as well!


Who we work for

We provide claims management services on behalf of insurers, underwriters, brokers, self-insured businesses and fleet managers.


Our head office is located in Parramatta just outside the Sydney CBD.

Our executive team


Angus Cruickshank Insurx TPA
Angus Cruickshank  Acting Head of Insurx

Angus was appointed Head of Claims Strategy for Claim Central Consolidated in November 2020 and in addition has taken on the role of Acting Head of Insurx as of January 2021.

Angus is an accomplished insurance claims services professional, providing strategic leadership and management in order to deliver business targets and outcomes. He has extensive experience across the insurance industry and is a firm customer advocate. He believes that we are privileged to be the part of the claims process for customers in their time of need and wants to ensure that our involvement is never forgotten.

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Karla Wasinski Insurx TPA
Karla Wasinski  Chief Experience Officer

Karla was appointed Chief Experience Officer in April 2018.

Karla finds her passion in creating a space where people, technology and customers connect to deliver experiences that matter to everyone.

She is driven by extending exceptional service to our clients, brokers and business partners, to deliver confidence and trust they can rely on to grow their customer base.

Karla’s most recent role was Head of Process Enhancement for the Retail division of Hollard Insurance Australia. Prior to this Karla’s roles were focused on supporting customers to get back to their day-to-day lives as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

She has spent more than 19 years in the insurance industry gaining experience across a diverse range of roles, and within teams that continuously challenge technology, process and people to deliver an improved employee and customer experience.

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Matthew Lawrence  Head of Partnerships

Matthew Lawrence was appointed Head of New Business & Strategic Account Management in 2019.

Matthew is responsible for business strategy and growth of Insurx. This involves working with new and existing clients in implementing innovative claim services and technology solutions to help them meet business objectives.

Matthew has held a number of roles in operations, strategy and client development. Matthew holds a current qualification in Carpentry and Building.

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Greg Johnson  Chief Commercial Officer

Greg Johnson has been involved in the insurance industry for over 25 years, having succeeded in senior executive roles in large companies and as an entrepreneur in two start-up businesses. Most recently he has contributed to the business development success of a number of businesses delivering insurance claims management solutions across the globe.

Greg is known for creating opportunities that deliver exceptional business development outcomes in complex environments, both entrepreneurial and corporate.

Greg’s key strengths lie in understanding and analysing potential opportunities, communicating the value of the opportunities, and building trusted relationships which enables the mobilisation of both individuals and teams to deliver business development success within complex environments.

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