6 promises for a connected claim experience

Connected claims” is not just lip service – we hold ourselves accountable for providing the most connected claim experience possible. Our “6 promises for a connected claim experience” identify the practical steps we take to build that connection and trust with your customer.

Your customer is number one

We empower our people to focus on your customer as their number one priority – building the relationship, guiding them through the process and keeping the claim moving. It’s not just about our insurance expertise – it’s about walking in the customer’s shoes, showing empathy and finding a way to accept their claim.

No “gotcha” moments

Nobody likes nasty surprises. Your customers can always speak to someone about their claim, will be notified about each step as it happens, and will always be able to see where their claim is at.

Find a way to pay

We manage costs without trying to ‘nickel and dime’ your customers over technicalities and small details. We only ask the questions that add value to the claim and we work with the customer to find a way to pay their claim and make the experience a positive one.

Understand every claim story

We understand that every claim story is unique. So we empower our team to take the time to build trust with your customer, care for them and get their claim resolved as quickly as possible.

Connection through technology

Our technology helps your customers feel part of their claim, giving them a variety of channels to access claim information – simple, transparent, real-time communication that puts your customer at ease.

Your claims, your way

Our model gives us the flexibility to handle your claims, your way. So whether you need a service focus or a more automated solution; want to use your own building panel or ours; or outsource your claims full-time or only during surge – we can tailor our solution to suit you.

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